Soul Productions is an innovative Entertainment Company bringing visceral art to the masses. Our target is to expose urban communities to emerging INDEPENDANT artists who are pioneering new approaches to Music, Theatre, and Film. Our patrons usually have a great appreciation for commercial artists- it is our work to help reveal SOULFUL ART from alternative artists with huge capacities to create and rock our souls.

Soul Productions has had great success in the New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta market thus far creating events like Golden Scraps, variety show featuring theatre artists and musicians; Soul Sensations, a call for independent soul artists; Third Fridayz, a happy hour dedicated to the young professionals from wall street to broadway coming together to meet and experience new souls.

Soul Productions has also done community producing/ engagement for PARTY PEOPLE by Universes and was lead developer/ strategist for Mfoniso Udofia's UFOT CYCLE. Soul Productions has done community engagement events for The Public Theater (NYC), Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OR), Curran Live (SF),  American Conservatory Theater (SF),  Actors Express (ATL), and Bayview Opera House (SF). 

Soul Productions is the bridge between the old and the new, a collective of innovative minds, helping to forge a world where emerging concepts can be accepted into a larger society.

We dare you to enter our SOULSPACE. 

SOUL SENSATIONS a fully produced and marketed show for emerging artists. These artists come from anywhere. New York. Chicago. Nashville. Talent is talent. What separates this show from others is the fresh sound and the dynamic energy. 

This is not your run of the mill concert. Sometimes the headliner will sing backup for the opener. Sometimes, depending on the crowd, the band cuts out and the audience sings a cappella with the performer for a set. Sometimes the backup dancers head on out into the audience and we get up a move the party literally. It is all about synergyleaving our normal and moving into our SOULSPACE.


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