#BLKARTS BLOG: We Still Here! by: Erin Michelle Washington

We Still Here By: Erin Michelle Washington


We were left here to rot. To dry up. To succumb. To feel as the underling. To be less than our minds could ever imagine. We were left. To fend for ourselves. To pick up the pieces. To wage war within. To be sucker punched and pretend it didn't hurt. To forget our love of self. To banish our own culture for others. To lose our memory so we could not remember from whence we were birthed into this mighty microcosm of a universe. 

But God

The Gods

The Ancestors 

"They carved stars in their head..."

Left to rot, in the middle of daylight, we fought to not forget our souls. We prayed it up. We danced it up. We sang it up. We laughed it up. We wailed and moaned and rocked and bled and picked and thought and pretended and fantasized and played and strategized and plugged and fucked and praised and ...

"Remembered our members" 

We Re-Membered our souls. One breath at a time."

From our own society structures- we were placed on boats that led to foreign lands. We on the boat foreign to even each other. No one knew us. We did not know us. Slave holders placed man-woman-child together as a family. "Ready made" western style family. Cookie cutter... a man who provides and models supposed white civility to a blk woman who births his babies and then... you know what happens then... 

"How do we build a foundation on an unknown"

Family. My family. Lost my family. Made a new family out of literature and art pieces and side walk conversations and philosophizing around the idea of a people that was once lost but now found. My family spans a block and a continent. The known and unknown still the unknown but family all the same. 

"I been buked..." 

But the light that resides inside of the universe in my mind is clear and effervescent and beaming on to any soul that dare speaks to me. I am turned on. Not dim due to the present circumstance of whatever those that believe in allowing some to ROT do. Their plots and plans bore me. My psychedelic mind has already mapped my next steps and theirs too. But if they only knew who actually is pulling the strings to the puppet called "Life"

We were left to rot.

But we did not. 

The reclaiming of soul is my center focus. My project. My guide. The Americanization process left us here with some inner scars and I intend to pick at mine-open them up- create a salve from herbs- apply the salve- watch the healing powers and continue to keep spreading the healing I have found across the complete universe. 

"My soul is anchored in the Lord/The Gods/ The Ancestors"

And I know "A charge to keep I have" and I refuse -refuse- refuse to allow ROT to set in on me and allow those around the light in my own universe to ROT due to my ROT. I refuse to ROT cuz...

We still here

Weary-worn-and sad

Lit, frustrated, and glad 

We still here 

Heart pumping and mind engaged 

Spirit focused 

Strong-sensitive- but still with some rage 

We Still HERE!!!!!!!!!