A Guiding Thought for SOULCENTER

I am creating a space/ soul centers/ that will be a space of rest and communion- of love and forgiveness-of challenge and recognition. I am creating a space that will offer advice and be open to learning at the same time. I am creating a space that does not offer solutions to the problems of the world but a space that encourages inward reflection and time with the self in order to see the community reflected back that is desired.

I want to live in my own self. Be my best self. Walk my path. Carve my road. Help others by healing my own wounds.

If you have wounds- come inside.

If your heart is wanting to feel even more- come inside.

If you have a question or want to express a thought-come inside.

If you want to laugh- come inside.

If you want to find yourself- come inside.

If you need to be held-come inside.


Come inside to yourself. Not to an idea or a doctrine. Come inside to yourself. What you create will be what you come into.